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Plus Size Wedding & Prom Garters

MyGarter.com hand makes each of our garters. We will cut and make it to the size that best fits. We can easily fit your plus size garter as well as extra small sizes so that it is both comfortable and beautiful. Either way, our prices remain the same for all sizes.

Plus size garters for weddings is a specialty here. Plus size bridal garters can be made in matching toss sets as well. Many plus size brides will choose to make their toss garter the same size as their keepsake garter and wear both. Others choose to make their toss garters in a smaller or standard size and have the groom keep it in their pocket for the tossing ceremony. However, you feel most comfortable with displaying your garter, we’ll accommodate the perfect size that’s right for you.


Note, the "cm" measurements are approximate conversions from inches (US standard of measure).

Size Choices
XS 12"-14" Armbands 31-36 cm
S 14"-18" (Standard) 36-46 cm
M 19"-21" 48-54 cm
L 22"-24" 55-61 cm
XL 25"-27" 62-69 cm
XXL 28"-31" 70-79 cm

If you measure in between the inches (i.e., 18.5") go with the smaller size. If you need a larger size than what is available in the order form, please choose "Other" and enter the size (in inches) in the "Special Notes" section at checkout.


  • Generally, the garter is worn on right leg just above the knee but it's up to you! If you want to wear it higher, or if you'd prefer on it on the left leg, do so.
  • Use a flexible tape measure to measure the width of your leg about 3" inches above your knee or in the position where you plan on wearing it.
  • If you don't have a tape measure, use a string or piece of yarn then measure that flat against a ruler.
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